The Design Process

Disabled Access Landscaping
Free Quotation Fully Insured Complete Design Five year guarantee

1) You receive a free, no obligation home consultation in which a site survey is carried out and a design brief is established.


2) A second consultation with a qualified designer enables you to discuss options and preferences to ensure your design suite your needs. ( see “garden design”)


3) You receive drawings of your choice and design together with a quotation supported by a full description of all work to be carried out.


4) Any alterations can be discussed and the final design contract is drawn up.


5) Installation begins and our team of friendly, professional landscapers make your garden a reality ensuring the end product is of the highest standard and quality.



Design Drawing on paper

Initial drawing of garden area

A sample of how your garden design sketch may look so you can visualise the layout and have additions and changes at an early stage in

the project.

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Every project is carried out to specific requirements meeting and exceeding industry regulations. We pride ourselves in scrutinising every detail of every stage of design and installation. That’s why we’re happy to endorse a 5 year guarantee on every project.


Our Grass is Greener

We at RW Landscapes believe that it’s important to respect the environment. That’s why we recycle as much of our waste as possible and cost effectively use recycled materials in suitable situations.
For example, recycled MOT is used for driveway bases where possible.


Working with the Environment

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